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Product promotion

How can well-known brands do million dollar mass marketing campaigns and still fail? Well, sometimes marketing efforts are not taking into consideration the consumer or they are not aware of the marketing efforts done by competing brands. Only 15 years ago, mass marketing worked like a charm. You made a print-TV-radio campaign and people would rush to buy your products. Why is it not that easy anymore? Today in grocery stores there aren't just three brands in every category, there might be 30 competing brands in the same category. Consumers are not as brand loyal as they used to be, and they shouldn’t be. Competition is good for product development.

What is the best way to market a consumer good brand? There are probably million different answers to this, but let's look at some facts that support in-store marketing. 1. Today, 70% of supermarket purchase decisions are made in the store. 25 years ago this was the opposite; people decided what to buy at home.
2. Consumers make their purchase decision within the first 4-8 seconds of entering an aisle. With only 10 competing brands can you be sure they even see you in that time?
3. If one of the competing brands has some kind of special marketing activity going on, the consumer will focus mostly on that and your mass media ads won't help anymore.

There are multiple ways to do effective brand marketing but if you are not standing out in the competition, most of the effort might go to waste. We design campaigns that will differentiate you from the competition. We have multiple options for different scent campaigns; we can integrate units into displays, make under shelf units etc. Diffusion can work with constant release, timed release, or motion triggered release. We will be glad to provide you with a solution that suits your purpose best!

In-store scent sampling

We have designed dozens of innovative scent sampling solutions for detergents, shower gels, shampoos and other products where the unique attribute is scent. When a quality scent is your biggest differentiator, you need to make sure your potential customers can try the scent before they buy the product! Our solutions can be either disposable units or electric units integrated in your existing display.

In-store marketing

Since smells speak straight to the brain, wouldn't it be smart to ask it, if it wants to buy your product? Craving for coffee or sweets, peaks when you can smell the product. With our motion triggered systems we can trigger that smell just seconds before the consumer is about to pass your product. If you are a store owner and want to see sales grow in a specific product category (e.g. fruits and vegetables) we can design a solution that works through the category.

Contact us and we will tell you more how you could start growing your sales!


Product promotion

How to remind consumers to buy something that many of them know, have tried and liked, but usually would not consider buying it when they are out dining and partying?
Our client, a well-known alcohol brand knew that visual marketing is good for their business. They are a top seller in duty frees but bars just seem to be tough spot for them. In a bar/restaurant environment, purchase decisions are made really fast. We created a scent diffusion solution that was integrated in their visual advertisement. By doing this we could catch the consumers’ attention in a whole new way. The scent used was the alcohol brand’s own scent so the consumers connected with it on a memory level.
To know how well the campaign works, we had a student from Laurea University of Applied Sciences, to do his final thesis about this case. In order to know what the impact of scent is, we made the same visual ad, without scent, and put them in five restaurants. The results were convincing, bars with scent-visual ad resulted in 79% growth in sales, while places with only the visual ad, sold 11% more than during normal periods.


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